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  1. How Do I Find My Niche? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

    As an account strategist, I often see clients with really great solutions that often go overlooked because they’re trying to talk to everybody instead of honing in on one vertical. Focusing in on a particular sector of a target market can help amplify your message to those that have a real need for your business. Photo credit: […]

  2. 9 Key Sales Metrics to Track

    Photo credit: Unsplash When business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves how they can increase sales, despite being proactive, many fall short of an actionable answer because they overlook the obvious: The secret to increasing sales is understanding your sales metrics. Having a good grasp of your metrics empowers you to recognize areas of improvement; crucial to increasing sales growth. […]

  3. email marketing tips to increase open rates

    The following is an excerpt from The Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales: what happens after you click <send>?  The apps you buy should help you and your team see more clearly through clutter, not add to it. eMail add-ons help salespeople do two critical things: 1.) Monitor Email Effectiveness by tracking open rates (to identify subject […]